Air Circulation = Cleanliness

Air Circulation = Cleanliness

Most of us don’t think about the air.

We just breathe, because we can.

Our reminders of air come when climbing mountains, scuba diving, experiencing allergies, or visiting somewhere high elevation. 

Or maybe when you think of canned air from Space Balls.

When air floats around, it picks things up and moves little particles around.

This is why you get allergies. 

The pollen from plants gets pushed into your house by the air and you start feeling sick.

Air picks up water too, which causes humidity – sound familiar?

If water cannot get picked up by air to form humidity, it settles on the ground much like the dust in an old attic or storage closet.

Think of dew when you visit a forest.

Very romantic in a cabin getaway, gross for your home.

When water pools on your drying mat, a lot of gross things happen.

Bacteria pools, mildew forms, and everything starts to stink.

If this happens to you, don’t feel alone

It happens to many people.

Unfortunately, no amount of towel drying will get rid of all the water.

Even a micro-amount of water can cause bacteria to build up and mildew to form.

That upside down water bottle seals the lid and everything inside gets trapped.

The water cannot escape naturally.

The bacteria starts to gather like a townhall meeting, then a mob, then a riot, then a full nation takeover. 

All you can smell are their bacteria byproduct (farts), aka that mildew or moldly smell.

Your immune system then has to compensate, and over time, that’s taxing on the body.

We won’t plainly say you should buy a Kuppy, but Kuppy helps prevent this by doing a few things:

  1. It keeps your drinkware elevated off the drying mat. No more direct contact with the drying mat that’s filled with bacteria. 
  2. The air slots allow air to naturally circulate. No more trapped water
  3. Kuppy’s are dishwasher safe and BPA free.Bye bye, bacteria.

Kuppy works for a whole variety of different drinkware and kitchen accessories. Check it out here!

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