Kuppy, A Short History

Kuppy, A Short History

Good artists borrow, great artists steal.

…except for Kuppy. We had permission.

Gather around children…

While at a family dinner in 2020, Kevin noticed a half cut styrofoam cup on his parent’s kitchen counter.

He asked his mother over dinner, “what is that”?

She said, “Kevin let me show you”.

To his dismay, she showed him something he would never forget.

She placed his dad’s thermos on top and watched it stand perfectly in place.

The coffee residue dripped down to the paper towel beneath and angels started to sing – brilliant!

“Mom, you’re a genius”, Kevin said.

Then the entrepreneurial wheels started to spin.

What if I could make this into a product that everyone could enjoy?

The first problem… the styrofoam has got to go. 

Kevin got to work on the first few versions.

He reached out to friends for feedback on the product.

Eventually, it was time to build a team.

Alex and Brian eventually joined the fun.

Alex is a marketing wizard, and Brian is a ecomm partnerships machine. 

With Kevin’s sales & revenue leadership, the trio became the Deathly Hallows of the Kitchen.

The mission and values were clear from the beginning, which has made the company start vibing early on.

We’re aligned by a few simple principles: make cool stuff that’s useful, delightful, and helps people become incrementally more sustainable.

Nearly 2 years later and multiple 3d printed prototypes later, Kuppy was finally ready for production in Spring 2022.

It’s hard to explain in GIF’s and imagery – However, once you start using Kuppy, it’s hard to go back to your old way of drying drinkware.

It’s a paradigm shift.

However, it didn’t come overnight.

Here are a few highlights from the journey:

  • We had incredible guides and mentors from different kitchen accessory companies – Thank you to everyone who contributed your knowledge.
  • Kickstarter was a bust, but we made this pretty sick video as a result (thank you, Garret!) and had about 100 people sign up for our email lists.
  • There were loads of design issues: the thickness and weight of the Kuppy lacked enough strength, and certain designs of the air slots caused earlier version of Kuppy to collapse.
  • We learned rubber has similar properties to silicone (great for prototyping).

Meanwhile, our industrial engineering friends are shaking their heads. 

Once the final prototype was solidified, we locked down a production partner and eventually the first shipment landed in Scottsdale, AZ ready for shipping. 

None of us intended to revolutionize kitchen life. 

A creative, yet simple idea was just too good to not share with the world.

Oh lastly, did we mention we met online?

Sound like a a strange romance story?

Well, it’s business bromantic. 

With love, we hope you enjoy your Kuppy’s made with <3.

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