The worlds first water bottle drying rack

Kuppy's unique design allows for air to circulate naturally to prevent bad odors, bacteria, and mold. Plus you don't have to balance your bottle on the counter like a magician!

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  • Hydro Flask

    Wide or standard mouth Kuppy can dry Hyrdo Flasks ranging from 15 - 64+ ounces water bottles and coffee/wine tumblers.

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  • Yeti

    Kuppy fits both water bottle and Rambler Tumblers. Going camping? Take Kuppy with you and dry them at the campsite after an epic day of exploring.

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  • bkr

    Bkr bottles have really small mouth openings and are very difficult to dry. Just set your bkr on Kuppy and let it dry over night.

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  • HydroJug

    HydroJugs are great for staying hydrated but can be a pain to dry since they are so big. Kuppy dries them no problem and can dry their plastic, stainless steel and glass jugs.

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Kuppy drying rack made from 100% silicone

Sleek minimalist design

Kuppy is made from 100% premium silcone, it's compact size makes it easy to store away, dishwasher safe, BPA free, and looks AMAZING in any kitchen!

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Your purchase goes towards saving the planet

We're an environmentally conscious company that is compelled to save our planet. Being apart of this great organization is just one way we're helping support the cause.

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