The better way to dry your drinkware

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Goodbye Clutter. Hello Kuppy.

Kuppy is a modern drying rack that keeps your drying mat tidy and your drinkware dry. Use Kuppy to dry your water bottles, reusable baggies, wine glasses, protein shakers, and coffee tumblers.

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Dry the brands you love

Kuppy fits nearly every resuasble water bottle and works great with brands like S'well, Hydroflask, Takeya, Klean Kanteen, Contigo and many more!

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  • Dry your water bottle, faster

    Placing your water bottle on a drying mat prevents air flow which is needed to properly dry. Kuppy’s unique air slot design dries faster, reduces bacteria build-up and prevents mildew.

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  • Dry reusable baggies with ease

    We love products that reduce one time plastic use! Kuppy keeps reusable baggies open so they can dry for your next (re)use.

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  • Protein shakers, Kuppy dries them too

    Washing your shaker after each use is necessary and properly drying it can help eliminate bacteria and foul odors.

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  • You drink the wine, Kuppy dries the glasses

    Enjoying your favorite vino? Avoid breaking your fragile wine glasses in the dishwasher and instead, let Kuppy dry it for you!

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Your kitchens best friend

Traditional kitchen racks are bulky germ magnets that are hard to clean and let's be honest...they don't look great either.

Kuppy's sleek desgin looks great in the kitchen and it's compact size makes it easy to store away.

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We're an environmentally conscious company that is compelled to save our planet. Being apart of this great organization is just one way we're helping support the cause.

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