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Our Story

Kevin here, founder of Kuppy! A little background, my mom invented Kuppy and I'm bringing it to life. Here's how Kuppy got started!

My mom would wash my dad's coffee tumbler every day and set it on the counter to dry. It would fall over, knock over other dishes or fall on the ground, so on a whim, she had an idea. She grabbed her Sonic Drive-In styrofoam cup (yes, the fast-food chain) and cut the bottom third with a knife, and set the coffee tumbler on top.

During a family Sunday dinner, I asked why she had a half-cut Sonic cup on her dish mat?! She said "Let me show you" and she placed the tumbler in the cup and said “Now it won't fall over anymore.” I thought this is genius! Everyone who has a water bottle could use one of these. I replied “We can sell this online ‘Ma!”

And, here we are! After creating a dozen prototype's and nearly two years later, we're finally getting Kuppy into kitchens across the globe! 

Kuppy Prototype
The original Sonic cup cut in half! 
My mother and I at my wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona
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