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Spend $45+ and get free standard shipping. Get Kuppy πŸ‘‰

πŸŒͺ️ Dries 5x faster than a standard drying mat

πŸ‘ƒ Eliminates horrible odors we all hate

🦠 Prevents bacteria from growing

😌 Takes up less space, easy to store, and dishwasher safe

Sorry...your water bottle is gross 🀒

Recent studies show that reusable water bottles can pack a whopping 30 times more bacteria than a public toilet seat!

Of course, you need to clean your water bottle after every use, but improper drying is one of the biggest causes of bacteria buildup.

Kuppy's unique air slot design let's air circulate naturally to dry your drinkware completely. Say goodbye to germs and hello to fresh, clean sips all day long.

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Omg this gadget is AMAZING!

"I was so grossed out to dry our water bottles on the rim of sink not to mention how often they fall over and I have to wash again. We have a family of 5 and Kuppy has saved the day!"

- Nicole T

Bring Kuppy Home 🏠

Enhance your drying routine with Kuppy

Does this look familair? Leaning your drinkware against other dishes only to have them fall over and never dry is a thing of the past. Order Kuppy and experiecne the new way to dry your "hand wash only" drinkware.

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Kuppy is loved by 5,000+ customers 🫢

Help us create a more sustainable future

We're an environmentally conscious company that is compelled to save our planet. Being apart of this great organization is just one way we're helping support the cause.

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