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Kuppy vs. Drying Mat

Drying Mat
Secures drinkware while drying
Reduces odor and bacteria
Ensures completely dry
Easy to store
Travel friendly


How do I redeem my CashBack offer

We've partnered with Fondue as our CashBack partner. Here's how you claim your CashBack incentive.

  1. Post purchase check your email for CashBack offer
  2. Complete the CashBack redemption form
  3. Select your preferred CashBack redemption method. Virtual Visa card or Kuppy store credit
  4. Collect your money!

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What brands of water bottles can Kuppy dry?

Kuppy works great with Hydroflask, Yeti, Simple Modern, Stanley, Frost Buddy, Blender Bottle, Klean Kanteen, Camelback, S'well and many many more.

What size water bottles can Kuppy dry?

Kuppy fits most brands in all shapes and sizes. The two sided design can dry 15 oz - 84 oz water bottles

What else can Kuppy dry?

You can use Kuppy to dry coffee tumblers, protein shakers, resubale silicone baggies, long stem wine glasses and even water bladders from your hiking backback.

What is your return policy?

We have a 60 day return policy with free return shipping.

How long does standard shipping take?

Standard shipping takes 3-6 business days

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